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Shoulder Injury Treatment in Oak Creek

ultrasound therapy on shoulderThe shoulder is a complex joint, the most mobile in our bodies, and it’s prone to several types of injuries. The causes can range from known incidences such as falls or sports-related injuries to repetitive overuse or strains from carrying heavy objects. Factors like age, activity level, and overall health can also contribute to shoulder pain.

Diagnosis of Shoulder Injuries

A successful treatment plan begins with an accurate diagnosis. This is achieved through thorough examinations, including a series of physical tests and potential imaging like X-rays or MRIs, which provide a detailed view of soft tissues like tendons and ligaments. These tests help determine if the pain originates from the shoulder itself or if it’s referred pain from other areas like the neck or upper back.

Individualized Treatment Options

Once the cause is identified, an individualized treatment plan is developed. As a chiropractic office, we focus on ensuring optimal nerve supply to the muscles around the shoulder. We conduct extremity adjustments, if necessary, using an instrument or manual techniques to re-align the shoulder joint.


An Array of Therapies

In addition to the adjustments, we offer several therapies to improve your shoulder health. Laser therapy is a top option, especially for shoulder complaints. We also conduct electric stimulation and ultrasound therapies.

Sometimes, a person can experience more radiating pain; if we determine the neck or the cervical nerve root is involved and it’s radiculopathy, we may do some peripheral nerve type therapy such as our neuropathy care.

If there’s anything downstream from the shoulder, such as the elbow, hand and wrist, or if it’s carpal tunnel, we may provide some wrist, hand and elbow therapies.

Let Us Help You

Shoulder pain can restrict your activities and worsen if not addressed promptly. At Oak Creek Relief & Wellness, we’re ready to help you understand your pain and provide the best possible care. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, contact us today to schedule your comprehensive shoulder assessment.


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