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Postural Rehabilitation in Oak Creek

Doctor working with patientPosture is one of the most overlooked aspects of our overall health, as it’s the window to the spine, and ultimately the nervous system. At Oak Creek Relief & Wellness, our Postural and Structural Rehab Program combines the traditional science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic with physics, geometry, physiology and biology into a thorough diagnostic treatment delivery system.

We analyze your posture and compare it to a “normal” range, just like a doctor would do with blood pressure, hormone levels, and more. Through accidents or years of wear and tear, if the spine deviates further and further from this “ideal”, it also increases the amount of symptoms and dysfunction in the spine and a person’s overall physiology.

Is Postural and Structural Rehab A Solution for You?

Just as chiropractic care in itself addresses the nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxations in the spine, our Structural Rehab takes it one step further to address the ‘global’ subluxations of entire spinal regions, and often the entire spine.

Common examples of global subluxations and postural distortions include:

  • Forward Head Carriage (with or without a “hunchback”)
  • Scoliosis
  • Rotation in the Hips
  • Leg Length Inequality
  • Lateral Torso Translation
  • Lateral Head Translation
  • Combinations of the Above
  • and More!

Illustrating woman's posture

How We Help

The Oak Creek Relief & Wellness Structural Rehab program also recognizes that our bodies can be thought of as a VERY complex machine, arguably the MOST COMPLEX machine ever designed. If moving parts of a machine are all in alignment, balanced, and have proper mobility, the machine will function at its best. However, if these parts are leaning out of balance, gears are out of alignment, and moving parts aren’t as mobile as they need to be, the machine will have increased stress points, and at the very least run inefficiently– at worst, it could break down or cease to function!

Postural distortions may or may not cause immediate symptoms, but given enough time to take their toll with the increased stresses and wear ‘n tear, there comes a point where “the straw breaks the camel’s back”, so-to-speak.

Stages of Care

Patients at Oak Creek Relief & Wellness fall into one of three categories of care: Relief Care, Corrective Care, Wellness Care.

While the ultimate goal is to transition to wellness (maintenance) care for optimizing overall ongoing health, we understand this may not be for everyone. The Structural Rehab Program here at Oak Creek Relief & Wellness falls mostly into the corrective care category. At the time you first come in, you may have enough symptoms where we’ll need to start you more in the “Relief Care” stage, just until we can control symptoms, but if the Structural Rehab program is indicated for you, we will transition you to the Corrective stage and finally, Wellness Care.

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