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Weight Loss and Detox in Oak Creek

Oak Creek infrared sauna

Toxicity Is Rampant in Today’s World

Did you know that every year, over 4 billion pounds of chemicals are released into our environment, most of which are toxic? And that these toxins have been found to accumulate in our bodies, impacting our health and well-being?

The liver is easily overwhelmed with toxins when too many are allowed to enter the body, inhibiting the liver’s ability to perform the way it’s supposed to. The result-toxins are stored inside the body until the liver has time to catch up.

To isolate the toxins from other body tissue, your nervous system surrounds and enrobes these toxins with fat cells. It’s your body’s way of protecting you from harmful substances.

Shed the Pounds Without the Rebound

Oak Creek Relief & Wellness offers its patients a natural and comfortable way to lose weight that is based on research-based principles. We have a variety of nutritional and functional medicine options to help the body detox, including our far-infrared detox sauna. A 25-minute session is $35. Buy 5 sessions, get one free. Buy 10 sessions, get TWO free! Our sauna room is located downstairs next to our group fitness area, and is “semi-private” in the sense that the door will stay closed (but not locked) while you’re in session, but you are always asked/required to wear clothing while in the sauna.

As you begin to shed accumulated levels of toxicity, fat cells are no longer needed; these are discarded as well. This process results in increased energy and satisfying weight loss: a win-win situation.

The benefits of detoxification and appropriate weight loss are too numerous to mention. If you are interested in feeling and looking better than you have in years, please contact our chiropractic care center today.

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